Event: Brown Bag Webinar

Date and time: April 4th 12.00 -12.45 CET.

Topic: Insights into the Competence Center for Home Economics at Münster University of Applied Sciences

Presenter: Prof. Dr. Pirjo Schack, Münster University of Applied Sciences

On June 22, 2021, the Competence Center Home Economics, called ‘Kompetenzzentrum Haushaltswissenschaften (HaWi)’ at the Münster University of Applied Sciences officially founded on the initiative of Prof. Dr. Pirjo Susanne Schack.
One of the goals is to make Home Economics more visible as a sub-discipline of nutritional science and home economics (called ‘Oecotrophologie’ in Germany) to increase social appreciation of associated professions. The HaWi team bundles expertise from the areas of research, teaching and professional practical experience and offers specialist conferences and training courses. The knowledge transfer in the professional field of home economics is to be strengthened by allowing cooperation practitioners to approach the competence center with research questions. The focus here is on questions like for example how the role of households as actors in society for quality of life, health and sustainable development can be promoted. Last but not least, this can also raise public awareness of the importance of domestic services for a functioning society.
In her presentation, Prof. Dr. Pirjo Susanne Schack provides further insights into the work of the competence center, informs about its development and discusses with the participants the potential benefits that transferring the concept to other countries could have.

Further information about the HaWi is available on the website of the competence center: http://www.fh-muenster.de/hawi

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