IFHE Sektion Schweiz / IFHE Section Suisse

Event: Exclusive Brown Bag Webinar / September

Die IFHE Region Europa lädt Sie zu einem Brown Bag Webinar ein – Präsentiert von einem Schweizer IFHE Mitglied.

Date and time: September 7th 12.00 -12.45 CET.

Topic: Conceptualising a new hospital – a home economics perspective

Presenter: Dr. Franziska Honegger, Head of Cleaning and Catering Services in a Swiss hospital

2025 a new 472 bed hospital will open in Switzerland. It will replace an old one, whose old building structure is difficult to maintain.

To plan and then provide the typical home economics services of catering and cleaning effectively and efficiently, there are many questions to be posed and answered. Thereby a future-oriented approach is key to question established processes and if suitably replace them with alternative solutions.

As head of the department providing these services, the presenter of this brown bag webinar is directly involved and responsible for finding suitable solutions. The presentation highlights some of the key questions, envisaged solutions and the challenges accomplishing them.

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